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Data Structure Concept

  1. Definition                                                                        
  2. Algorithm and Sub-Algorithm    
  3. Difference between Algorithm and sub-Algorithm
  4. Algorithmic conventions, Controls used in Algorithm
  5. Qualities and Capabilities of Good Algorithm 
  6. Computational Complexity of Algorithm
  7. Time Complexity  
  8. Asymptotic Notation, Big-O Notation            
  9. Worst and Average case behavior
  10. Examples on Big-O Notation       
  11. Data, Data Types, Operations on Data Structure

Abstract Data Types

  1. Abstract Data Type (ADT)              
  2. ADT of Rational Number               
  3. ADT of varying length character string        
  4. ADT of Array, Stack, Queue                                 

Array (One Dimension)

  1. Array (Definition)                               
  2. Location of any (Kth) element in Linear Array
  3. Problems to find length of array and location of array element in one dimensional array
  4. Traverse a linear array (Algorithm)
  5. Algorithms on array                          
  6. Insert an ITEM into a linear array (Algorithm)
  7. Delete an element from a  linear array (Algorithm)
  8. Searching in Linear Array: Linear, Binary

Array (Two Dimension)

  1. Representation of Two Dim. Array in Memory
  2. Finding location of element in a 2D array
  3. Problems to find length & Location of array
  4. Pointer array
  5. Sparse Matrix, Transpose of Sparse Matrix                       


  1. String                                                                                  
  2. Operations on String                                               


  1. Array representation of Stack   
  2. PUSH an ITEM into a stack (Algorithm)
  3. POP an ITEM from a stack (Algorithm)
  4. Polish Notation
  5. Problems on Convert infix expression to equivalent postfix and prefix expressions
  6. Evaluation of Postfix Expression (Algorithm)
  7. Transforming Infix expression into Postfix  (Algo.)


  1. Recursion (Definition)                    
  2. Factorial Function using Recursion (Algorithm)
  3. Fibonacci Function using Recursion (Algorithm)
  4. Problems on Fibonacci function  
  5. GCD Function using Recursion (Algorithm)
  6. Tower of Hanoi using Recursion (Algorithm)
  7. Ackermann Function                                               
  8. Problems on Ackermann function 


  1. Queue, Representation of Queue in Memory
  2. Insert an ITEM in queue (Algorithm)
  3. Delete an element from queue (Algorithm)
  4. DEQUE, Priority Queue                                          
  5. Array representation of Priority Queue     
  6. Josephus Problem                             
  7. Difference between stack and queue

Linked List

  1. Linked List (Definition)                                          
  2. Representation of Linked List in Memory
  3. Traversing a Linked List (Algorithm)
  4. Searching in Unsorted Linked List (Algorithm)
  5. Searching in Sorted Linked List (Algorithm)
  6. Memory Allocation: Garbage Collection
  7. Overflow and Underflow in Linked List
  8. Insertion (beginning) into a Linked List (Algorithm)
  9. Insertion (at the end) into a Linked List (Algo.)
  10. Insertion (after given node) into a LL (Algo.)
  11. Deletion of node following given node in LL (Algo.)  
  12. Deletion of node with a given ITEM of information in a linked list (Algorithm)
  13. Header linked list, Two-way Lists
  14. Comparison between one-way list and two-way list
  15. Representing Polynomial using linked list
  16. Difference between array and linked list
  17. Buddy System


  1. Tree, Binary Tree , Tree Terminology
  2. Complete Binary Tree
  3. Extended Binary Tree (2-Tree)  
  4. Representation of Binary Tree in Memory   
  5. Traversing Binary Tree
  6. Traverse a Tree in Preorder (Algorithm)
  7. Traverse a Tree in In-order (Algorithm) 
  8. Traverse a Tree in Post-order (Algorithm)
  9. Problems on Tree Traversal        
  10. Header node in Binary Tree       
  11. Threads
  12. Binary Search Tree                            
  13. Search an ITEM in Binary Tree (Algorithm)
  14. Insert an ITEM in Binary Tree (Algorithm)
  15. Huffman Tree and Huffman Algorithm 
  16. AVL Tree, Multi-Way search tree                                            


  1. Heap
  2. Insert new ITEM in Heap (Algorithm)
  3. Delete an ITEM from Heap (Algorithm)


  1. Graph, Sequential/ Matrix representation of Graph
  2. Linked/ Multi-list representation of Graph
  3. Graph Traversal
  4. Breadth-First search (Example & Algo)        
  5. Depth-First search (Example & Algo)            
  6. Spanning Tree                                                              
  7. Difference between tree and graph


  1. Hashing, Hash table, Hash functions             
  2. Examples on Hash function         
  3. Collision                                                   

Sorting in Array

  1. Sorting methods                                 
  2. Bubble Sort (Algorithm)                
  3. Insertion Sort (Example and Algorithm)
  4. Selection Sort (Example and Algorithm)
  5. Heap Sort, Building a Heap, Problem
  6. Merge Sort (Example and Algorithm)
  7. Quick Sort, Problem                        
  8. Shell Sort, Problem                          
  9. Radix Soft                                                
  10. Comparing Complexity in various Sorting Methods
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