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C Programming

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Information Technology

Data Structure



System Analysis and Design

Algorithms & Flowcharting


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  1. System: Introduction and Definition
  2. Types of System                      
  3. Characteristics of System      
  4. Elements of System                              
  5. System Analyst, Duties                          
  6. Role of System Analyst                           
  7. Introduction to SDLC                              
  8. Phase I: Area Selection / Project Selection
  9. Phase II: Overall Analysis      
  10. Phase III Gross Design                           
  11. Phase IV: Master Development Plan
  12. Phase V: System Analysis and Design
  13. Phase VI: System Implementation
  14. Phase VII: System Maintenance            
  15. Feasibility Report                  
  16. Guidelines for System design               
  17. System Testing in detail                        
  18. Tools of structured analysis  

    Data Flow Diagram
    Data Dictionary
    Decision Table
    Decision Tree
    Structured English

  19. Pros and cons of Structured Analysis Tools
  20. Advantages and disadvantages of Interview
  21. Documentation in Detail       
  22. Types of documentation        
  23. System Security and Privacy  
  24. System And Software Controls             
  25. System Failure and Recovery
  26. Hardware and Software Selection
  27. Types of Files                                         
  28. Batch processing system       
  29. On-Line processing                
  30. Real time processing                             
  31. Office Automation System    
  32. Types of File Organization    
  33. Selection of File Organization (factors for) external storage device
  34. Indexing techniques  

    Cylinder-surface indexing
    Hashed Indexing  

  35. Programming: Program Development Steps  
  36. Modular Programming                          
  37. Coupling and cohesion                           
  38. HIPO and IPO charts                              
  39. Structured programming       
  40. Software controls                  
  41. Information System                               
  42. Qualities of Information                        
  43. Information system and its types
  44. Public and Private Information system
  45. Formal and informal information system
  46. Data Processing Vs. Information Processing
  47. Information system life cycle
  48. Value of Information                             
  49. Management through the information life cycle: Create, Review, Edit, Manage, Dist.
  50. Decision Support System       
  51. Management Information System

    Evaluation and growth of MIS 

  52. Operational elements of MIS
  53. Knowledge work system       
  54. Seven levels/ scales of Knowledge work
  55. Knowledge worker                 
  56. Pyramid and charts of MIS    
  57. Transaction processing system [TPS]
  58. Office Automation tools                        
  59. Expert system                                        
  60. Knowledge Based System     
  61. Artificial Intelligence              (AI)         
  62. Tools for analysis, design, planning, and scheduling of a system
    CASE tool                
    Entity Relationship Diagram [ERD]
    Data Action Diagram             
    Interaction Relationship Chart [IRC]
    State Transition Diagram [STD]
    PARIS Model                          
    Entity Life Hisstories [ELH]
    Entity Correspondence Diagram [ECD]
    Grid Charts
    Gantt Chart
    PERT and CPM                        
  63. Normalization                                        
  64. OR Models                                             
  65. Payroll Systems                                     
  66. Sales Management System  
  67. Inventory Control System      


  1. Data Communication                             
  2. Transmission Media                              
  3. Communication control devices            
  4. Types of Computer Networks


  1. Network Topology                 

Bus, Star, Ring, Tree, Hybrid, Mesh

  1. Internet                                  
  2. Protocol                                  

Solved Problem

  1. Decision table                                        
  2. Decision table                                        
  3. Decision Tree                                         
  4. Data Dictionary                                      
  5. DFD (Student Registration System)
  6. DFD (Quiz)                                             
  7. Decision Table                                   
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